Adventure Writer

In July 2016, Sequoia began her Accelerated Free Fall program for her A license in skydiving. Throughout the course, she has been writing a bi-weekly column for Adventure Sports Journal titled Learning to Fly.

An excerpt of Sequoia's writing from her trek into K2, was a featured article in the Annual Ascents issue of Rock and Ice Magazine. 

Sequoia recently wrote a Tips for Travelers column for the New Zealand Herald. This is no ordinary column, as it provides advice to those thinking of traveling into unusual destinations. A true adventure. 

Sequoia Schmidt' first non-fiction travel book debuted in 2016. "Journey of Heart; a sojourn to K2" is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Audible. It was a finalist in the 2016 International Book awards and received countless praise. Her second book "Changing Gears; Up's and Down's on the New Zealand Road" is due out in early 2018. 

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Sequoia’s highly anticipated second book will premiere in American in early June 2018. Changing Gears; Up’s and Down’s on the New Zealand Road, tells the story of her 2017, 28 day solo cycle across New Zealand’s South and North Island. The book describes her experiences of grief, loss and recovery, interwoven with adventures on the roads of NZ, as she returns to her homeland to re-connect with Aotearoa.