Sequoia Schmidt

Sequoia Schmidt is an adventurer, best-selling author, and public speaker. She is based out of Los Angeles, CA and explores the world with the pursuits of BASE jumping, skydiving, mountain climbing and many other activities. Sequoia has written two books, “Journey of Heart: A Sojourn to K2” and “Changing Gears: Ups and Downs on the New Zealand Road” and is currently working on her latest book, “Dream of Flight”. She will be touring the US and other countries starting June of 2020 (dates and location are to be announced).

Along with Sequoia’s active lifestyle, she is a huge advocate of supporting the needs of children when it comes to their creative outlet. Sequoia started a non-profit organization, the Denali Foundation, in honor of her brother Denali. The foundation donates art supplies to schools in the US and internationally to underprivileged children without access to art.   

Sequoia is an inspiration to many with her open-minded personality and wildly independent lifestyle. She continuously navigates her life enjoying the different walks of life the world has to offer.